Diabetes and Heart Disease: Myths and Facts!

It is not sure that, every diabetic patient is undergone, heart disease. Diabetes is a chronic disease that is caused by high blood glucose levels that result from the body’s inability to produce insulin or inefficiency in response. Poor metabolism, weaker immune system, and reduced physical inactivity are majorly seen in diabetes patients. It is well known that, in diabetes patients, one of the major complications is Heart disease, but as compared to other complications, diabetic heart disease owns only about 20-30%. As diabetes complications possess 5% more risk of developing brain stroke, whereas it possesses 30% more risk for developing kidney disease (diabetic nephropathy), 40% more for developing blindness (Retinopathy), and others are for amputation and associated complications.
Now we will find out some Myths and facts regarding Diabetic Heart Disease: 

·       If you control diabetes, you are safe at heart health!

Controlling Diabetes may not assure your heart health: Generally, macro-vascular Complications cannot be over-controlled by controlling blood sugar levels. 


·       Early age Diabetes has less worry about heart disease!

Age doesn’t matter in this condition. As in normal people the heart disease attacks at the age the sixties, whereas in diabetes the heart disease tends to be seen around 10 years earlier.


·       Diabetes is in Control, so eating sugars is worry-free? 

Sugars increase the glucose levels and free fatty acids, Cholesterol levels which suddenly overwhelm the heart issues.


·       Bypass Surgery can help your heart to be as good as before?

Neither bypass surgery, nor angioplasty can invert your heart condition; the surgery is only about temporary improvement. 


·        Physical activities weaken the diabetes heart disease patient!

After Surgery or any kind of treatment, the rest is needed, but to some extent, being normal is good for health, especially in diabetic heart disease patient the exercise will help in the control of blood pressure and blood sugar.



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