What is Telemedicine? Does it really support Diabetes Healthcare!


Telemedicine is the use of telecommunications to support health care. Now a day’s technology is playing a major role in human life, in the same way, to provide an accurate healthcare interpretation in diabetes the telemedicine is very helpful. The main motive of this methodology is to facilitate productive interaction between the patient and the health care provider to achieve improved treatment results and lower treatment costs. This shows how modem technology can be a useful tool for providing effective management of type 1 diabetes.

Telemedicine is intervened and communicated with the help of our own devices like cell phones, computers, digital assistants, etc... So it will be easier for a major population in the world. Telemedicine is applied in diabetes to manage the patient health by the healthcare providers in a better and systematic manner, including patient-collected physiological data, such as blood glucose levels, continuous glucose levels, blood pressure, laboratory data, behavioural information, such as dietary intake and exercise patterns, medication dosages, images of retinal photos, wounds, or other structures, pertinent event data, such as emergency room visits, hospitalizations, scheduled ophthalmology visits, vaccines, and missed clinic appointments and more. These all cases can be evaluated in real-time by a physician taking the measurement or soon afterward by a specialist consultant at a remote central location.


While the pandemic is overwhelmed, these kinds of healthcare systems are more advised to diabetics who need a regular medical approach. The main goals for using telemedicine is to collect, transmit, analyze, discuss, and automatically respond to medical data. This system promotes greater effectiveness in the interaction between the patient and the health care provider team. It educates the patients individually to manage their own disease, timely management, and it is the most accurate healthcare system which is cost-effective to meet every patient's need.

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